The Utterance of Alhamdulillah and Astagfirullah after Ibadat

I [Mufti Taqi Usmani (DB)] have heard a quote of Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) from my Shaykh Dr. Abdul Hai Arefi (R) which I haven’t (yet) seen in any book. However not to mention, Hazrat Arefi (R) has narrated it from a book. The quote is: If a person utters two words after accomplishing Ibadat, first is: Alhamdulillah and second is: Astagfirullah, then shaytan says: he (the man who uttered those) had broken off my waist. Shaytan’s hoax is of two types:

One is that when a person acts upon a good deed, for example, he performs Salat, shaytan conveys him a message like: what worth have you got and therefore what would be the worth of your Salat(?) Your mind was not rightly in the prayers. The conduct of Salat performed by you had also not been filled completely. Therefore, you deserve no reward and return of the Salat you had performed. All your efforts are worthless. By such conjuration the shaytan evokes a letdown in the believer’s mind. The treatment to such disappointment is to perform Istegfar, i.e. utter Astagfirullah. Beseech the forgiveness of Allah by saying, O Allah! Pardon the faults of my Salat. By doing so Allah Taala would remove the faults and wrongdoings and thus the Istegfar would compensate for those.

Another deception which the shaytan plays is that he involves man in arrogance and egotism. Shaytan relates, Wow! You seem to accomplish Ibadat of high quality! Now you have attained the rank of the close servants of Allah Taala. This often happens to people like us, who very easily get contended with our Ibadat which is the result of shaytan’s conjuration. Treatment to such deception is the utterance of Alhamdulillah (All Praise for Allah). Ponder on own state the what am I? Thus, what value does my Ibadat carry? All are the Praise for Allah Who provided me the ability.

Islahi Majalis – 3rd Part, Mufti Taqi Usmani (R)

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